Prayers for Declan, and taking off for Houston at noon!

I know Sherri and Stan will probably blog when they get to Houston but wanted to let folks know they took off safely.  I feel there was a special message in the timing of the take off — as they took off, my alarm went off to remind me to pray for Declan at noon!  We feel blessed that so many people are praying for Declan at noon each day — please continue, its part of the miracle!  I pray that the flight goes well, that the Marriott in Houston has accommodations that work for this big family and that MD Anderson provides more positive steps in this miracle for Declan.   We continue to thank you for your support!   

Declan was all smiles at the airport today and happy to see his brothers!

Brady was pensively considering the big trip while brother Cole was taking it in stride!

Declan had a good day yesterday, lots of smiles and talking to Grandpa was fun too!

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