What would you want them to know?

My thoughts are swimming in the awfulness that occurred in Boston yesterday. I just don’t understand how any human can treat another with such violence. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the life leave someone I love dearly so I know the pain death can inflict on someone or maybe it’s just that I don’t understand how anyone could want to inflict damage on any one.

It has left me thinking (probably because I am away from them right now) what would I want my family to know if the unthinkable happened while I was away from them?

I would want them to know (even though I was angry and surly yesterday) that my life has been amazing because I was blessed with their love. Has it been easy? Um, no. There has been hard, even awful but there has been so much joy, bliss, giggles, and sunshine in my days; and through everything that has happened in my life, I was loved. Whether it was my Mommy and Daddy who were always there for me when I was growing up (I’m still growing, BTW) or my brother who has given me insight into events in my life like no other could or my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews during our many family events together or my friends who have witnessed the silly, sometimes craziness, of me or my amazingly beautiful children whose simple gaze in my direction fills my heart with such warmth and peace, it is still mind boggling to me or my husband who has truly seen the under-belly of one Sherri Ann Christine DiLoreta Carmical and still looks at me with eyes that tell me I am loved completely.

I am blessed to have been given their love and been given the ability to love them in return.

That’s what I would want them to know.

(ACK! I just re-read this … normally I don’t, and realized I left off my amazing Mother and Father in-law!! Truly I don’t think of them as ‘in-law’, they have welcomed and treated me as one of their own from day one. Their complete welcoming of me into their lives is testament to their love and I couldn’t love them more for it. I hope my actions with daugther’s in-law when the time comes, will show my true appreciation to them.)

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