Journey 4 A Cure

No parent ever wants to hear the words… “Your child has cancer.”

But it’s the words that may follow that no parent should ever have to hear… “There is no known cure.”

Pediatric cancer is a non-discriminating, life-threatening disease that affects millions of children and their families on a daily basis.  In an age where medical breakthroughs occur with great frequency, few advancements have been made in the fight against pediatric cancer over the last 30 years.   Since 1980, only one new drug has been approved to combat pediatric cancer, a period that has seen 50 medications approved to fight adult cancer.  As a society, we are capable of addressing this destructive disease that affects the world’s most precious assets… our children.  Despite this ability, research for a cure has been limited by a lack of funding.

In November of 2010, Journey 4 A Cure was born to honor Declan Black Carmical and countless other children affected by this disease.  Declan lost his battle with cancer just 8 days before his 1st Birthday but his fighting spirit and smile lives on in the lives of many.  Journey 4 A Cure is a new movement, devoted to creating broader awareness about the realities of pediatric cancer, empowering families who are battling this disease by providing support networks and valuable resources for their own journeys and raising funding to advance the efforts for research and development of a cure for this disease.

The inspiration behind Journey 4 A Cure began with a child’s smile, continued with his parent’s love and will grow with your unwavering compassion.  To accelerate our movement, we need your help.  Our Journey begins with you and ends with a cure!

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